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Vemworks - HC The project, signed by the Vemworks studio architects Marco Dellatorre, Emanuele Corte and Vittoria Fiorito, Milan, Turin, and New York-based together with the hotel owner Giuseppina Donato, was created under the supervision of the superintendency of Ragusa, and saw the scientific restoration and consolidation of one of the best-preserved noble buildings in the city, the Palazzo Arezzo of Donnafugata, which stands at the intersection between Piazza del Duomo and Via Conte Cabrera.

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This ancient patrician residence, whose origins date back toremained uninhabited for about 50 years, until this intervention, which began in and ended inpromoted its conversion into a luxury accommodation facility. The intervention brought the ancient essence back to life, purifying it from the restyling of about years of history. The plan of the building, with its simple layout, is elegant in the lines matching the full neoclassical style eclectic, with plastered limestone masonry.

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The main façade on Via Conte Cabrera has an entrance door framed by a trilith of columns with Ionic-style composite capital, embel- 14 lished with garlands and friezes placed at the foot of the architrave. The portal, the shelves of the balconies and the cornice with the cantonal, together with the porch and the staircase of the courtyard, belong to the first alterations of the original construction dating back to the s while the doors and railings are different and therefore of the subsequent invoice of Via Cabrera and Piazza Duomo.

Inside the courtyard, the flooring is in pitchstone and limestone with inlays.

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In addition to the noble floor facing the square, there is an attic level surrounded by a long railing hiding a motif of small columns. The main entrance hall leads to the old Carretteria and the old warehouses on the north side, now converted into a kitchen, reception room, breakfast room, and lounge area.

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Crossed the entrance hallway, you come to a pincer stone staircase with a neoclassical handrail, in the center of which there is an arched portal with the noble coat of arms at the keystone. Going from the hotel reception, we proceed, going up, to the upper level of the noble residence, to which we arrive from the loggia of the staircase.

From the corridor of the first floor, an optimally restored internal staircase on whose walls emerge hc fat burner three threatening Sicilian gargoyles that control the entrances of the patrons leads to the second floor, where two suites have been created one with a panoramic terraceboth with a privileged view of Piazza Duomo.

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Wherever possible, it was decided to keep the original flooring, in some rooms and in the common parts the old non-recoverable Vemworks - HC The rooms and common areas of A. Play of spaces that are never the same and bold contrasts between the ancient and the contemporary, original frescoes intimately combined with exclusive antiques and designer furniture, vintage colors that blend with the contemporary art pieces present, original floors with geometries very current, everything comes together to recreate the prendere bruciagrassi memory of a new and 4 settimane di perdita di grasso hospitality experience.

Inside a portion of this articulated village, we have been involved in the restyling of the interior spaces.

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The appearance is that of a classic Tuscan farmhouse with terracotta floors and large wooden beams on the ceiling; an imposing fireplace dominates the scene of the main space. The request has been to fully enjoy the fireplace, cocooned on the sofa.

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Starting from this, the main room, which previously housed the dining room, has been converted into a living room with a large sofa and an extendable table to be used for all occasions. The room that previously housed the sofas now houses a modern kitchen and dining area. A recurring element that characterizes the main rooms, such as the living room emerge hc fat burner the master bedroom, is the profile of these rooms and that is the most basic outline of the concept of home, the one that a child draws when they ask him to represent his family.

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We wanted to emphasize this idea so simple yet strong; in the living room, the beams seem to continue on the walls thanks to dove-coloured bands that identify this idea of home. In the double bedroom, the new walk-in closet becomes the ideal background to emphasize this primordial sign.

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The new play of plasterboard false ceilings also becomes the place to insert an architectural light that enhances, thanks to the colours on the wall, this play of volumes that intersect each other. The play of colours in the natural tones of the stone-effect porcelain stoneware perfectly harmonizes with the plasterboard ceiling that hides two LED bars, emerge hc fat burner a diffused light in the shower area on the one hand, and wetting the wall of the washbasin characterized by a 3d stoneware effect with a wash-wall effect on the other.

Thanks to its pearly colour and effect, this covering is enhanced by the grazing light that brings out all the shades, resulting in a vibrant effect.

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The beautiful freestanding bathtub becomes the sculptural background around which the entire bathroom develops. Many, as a precaution, choose the first option, but only those who take the second road will get out of the crisis stronger than before.

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