Compliance Guide (C.L.A.W.S.)

Learn the latest federal regulation requirements on all Rolls products in the latest Compliance Guide, or C.L.A.W.S. View online now or request a copy.

Safety Products Designed With Compliance In Mind

All Rolls Products Are Compliance Solutions


Rolls Manufacturing Company, a leading supplier of industrial safety and hazardous material handling products, caters to contractors, manufacturers, fabricators, and many other professionals in the industries of utilities, military, government, printing, chemical, transportation, textile, automotive, agricultural, medical, oil and gas, electrical and more. We are proud to say our products are USA Made.

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Since the day that Joe Eddy introduced you as the go to person to get orders placed and shipped on time, it has been an extreme pleasure doing business with your company. We appreciate our relationship in the past and look forward to continued business in the future.


What are the product lines Rolls offers?

How do I know which color safety cabinet to choose?

Depending on the type of chemical to be stored, Rolls has Yellow for Flammable Liquid Safety Storage, Red for Paint & Ink Safety Storage, Blue for Acid & Corrosive Safety Storage, and Green for Pesticide Safety Storage. All cabinets are available as either manual or self-closing models. We also have Grey, White and Beige.

What is the difference between Type I and Type II Safety Cans?

Type I safety cans only have 1 opening – pour & fill from the same opening. Type II safety cans have 2 openings – one for pouring and one for filling – the fill opening serves as a vent when pouring.